During April – May 2019, Amica is developing the process of validation of the training materials of the inclusive tourism program. This validation is being carried out in the Special Centers of Employment of Amica in Cantabria thanks to the participation of a total of 20 participants among people with disabilities who are in the process of training for the employment and job trainers.
Currently, Amica is developing in Valencia the project Campus Diversia as a reference center in social inclusion, employment and environmental education. One of the main axes of this project is to promote inclusive and accessible tourism, that is to say, tourism for all people. In this sense, the AFADIMA association of Valencia is collaborating in the inclusive Tourism project, launching the process of validation the training materials with a group composed by 7 participants of the region.

All the participants of this process are having the opportunity to verify that the formative Inclusive Tourism Program achieves its objectives to increase the competencies of people with disabilities in the sector of inclusive tourism, specifically increasing their level of competence in 3 areas:

  • Soft skills
  • Identification and use of ICT Tools for supporting employment (digital competences)
  • Specific competences for the performance of a job occupation in the area of tourism sector. In this case, the groups are training in the necessary skills to develop the following jobs: Room and cleaning assistant and versatile reception assistant.
Persons with disabilities will have the opportunity to enjoy a brief period of practice in a tourism sector company, which will also, be involved in this formative process. Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge, strategies and new skills to develop an inclusive and accessible business model, so that all people regardless of their limitations can enjoy the spaces and resources available, but also generating greater employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.